16 August, 2007

Things to do and places to see

Just jotting down thoughts so I won't forget them.

New places to visit and things to do:

  • Krakow before it becomes another Prague
  • NZ to see Maori haka and the All Blacks
  • Sunrise on Mt. Jade, Taiwan
  • Moscow, St. Pete, and Russia before someone figures out how to police the country
  • Beirut before it's bombed again
  • Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu before too many yuppy hotels are built
  • Paris anytime
  • Hike the pilgrim trail to Santiago de Compostela
  • Cardiff and Paris for 6 Nations rugby matches
  • Fes to visit its Medina and Mellah
  • Mendoza just to drink more malbec
  • Travel to Cape Horn and Antartica by sea
  • Upper Quebec to see polar bears
  • Uluru
  • Wagner Festival in Bavaria to see the entire "Ring" cycle
  • Pow Wows
  • One more buffet meal at Caesar's Palace, Vegas
  • Actually finish reading "War and Peace"
  • Motorcycle Che Guevara's trail from BA - Patagonia - Chile - Peru - Venezuela (especially if I can find a Norton Commando in working order)
  • Learn how to take decent photos
  • Find good meatloaf in DC

1 comment:

rutyna said...

good meatloaf at the place across the street from Fresh Field's on P street.