29 May, 2007

Jack 's Wagtime video

This video of Jack was taken about two weeks before he passed away. He was still healthy and very playful for a 14 year old. I'm thankful that he got to go to Wagtime everyday for the last two weeks and was happy up until the very end.

27 May, 2007

Jack's last day

Jack passed away at 8am this morning. He was the most loyal, handsome, goofy, stubborn, burpy, farty, smelly, sweetest boy there is. Jack loved people and he loved playing with other dogs until the day he went away. He fell asleep with his head in my arms. Jack was 14. I loved him.

26 May, 2007

Jack is sick

Jack isn't feeling well today. I'm really worried because he's over 14 years old. I woke up this morning and Jack just had this worried look on his face. He's barely capable of walking on his own power and I had to carry him to the front and back to his bed for him to do his business. Since he is having stomach problems, I'm hoping that's all it is. If it carries on I'll have to take him to the Friendship Animal Hospital later today.

19 May, 2007

Saturday - French and the National Gallery of Art

It's such a beautiful day! After French class today I thought I'd pop into the National Gallery of Art to have a look around. I'm starving but I really need to get my budget under control. So instead of spending money on bad food, I'll consume something else much more satisfying.

I spent approximately two hours in the museum. I could have spent more time there but I didn't want to leave Jack at the day care for too long. I saw many great pieces. But I liked this self portrait of Gauguin the best. The colors are extremely vibrant and there's something myterious about the way Gauguin saw himself.