23 November, 2007

The Last Thanksgiving Meal

In the midst of a very joyous dinner last night, I found myself feeling sad. This is the first Thanksgiving at our Mt. Vernon Square condo without JH.

Last night's gathering will also be the last dinner party here before we move out and transfer ownership of this property to the buyer. During the meal, a host of different feelings surged through my head. Many of them were good memories -- our dinner parties, BBQs, friends over to watch rugby matches, etc. We had a lot of fun here.

There is no point in recalling the bad memories.

On the upside, our Franco-American Thanksgiving meal was a smashing success. Our five French friends thoroughly enjoyed this most American event and left with their stomachs full of turkey and fine California and Oregon wine. However, Julien's jello shots topped the cake. Les Garcons are learning the finest American culture!