27 June, 2005

Dog Day Afternoon

In contrast to last weekend, today was a typical Washington, DC summer day. The sun was out and the day was warm and humid. One could not walk outside for too long without doing combat with mosquitos. Nonetheless, today was very enjoyable. Nothing remarkable happened. But Jennifer and I enjoyed a slow day with a tasty Burmese meal at Mandalay, followed by riding La Chiquita to Georgetown to watch Batman Begins.

Jack and Missouri enjoyed the day too! We sat out in front of our building late in the afternoon and just let the dogs enjoy watching the passing foot and car traffic. The two dogs were very happy about that. Posted by Hello

20 June, 2005

Riding through Northern Virginia

It was the nicest day we've had in the Washington, DC area for the past month. Taking advantage of the weather and the need to pick up Missouri's new leash and collar from Wylie Wag, I took a long meandering ride through Northern Virginia. After I picked up Missouri's presents in Middleburg, I rode aimlessly through Loundon and Faquier Counties. I saw some of the prettiest little villages Virginia has to offer, and rode past several wineries. If I was not on my bike, I would have stopped to sample some of their offerings.

La Chiquita in front of a stone house in Faquier County, Virginia Posted by Hello

This is downtown Middleburg. I bought an orange polka dot leash and matching collar for Missouri at the Wylie Wag, a dog boutique in Middleburg.  Posted by Hello

I turned off Route 50 to explore the Chrysalis Winery. This abandoned house was the first thing I saw off the main road. Posted by Hello

A narrow bridge leading to a winery Posted by Hello

A view of the Chrysalis Winery Posted by Hello

13 June, 2005

Toronto - May 30 - June 2, 2005

Jennifer and I took our Memorial Day break in Toronto. We were particularly excited about traveling to Toronto because we have heard so many good things about the city. Jennifer was keen on local Toronto fashion designers and I wanted to explore the neighborhoods and architecture of Toronto.

However, I got sick in Toronto and we did not find the city very appealing. We found the neighborhoods to be unattractive, and Jennifer found the shopping to be poor. While Toronto is a very walkable city with very workable subways and streetcars, we found ourselves walking through the city without finding very many things of interest.

However, Chinese food in Toronto is excellent. We had the best dim sum since our Vancouver trip in 2003. We also ate at an excellent Northern Chinese dumpling house and found a very good Taiwanese bakery. We were also pleased about how easy it was to get bubble tea in Toronto.

Toronto skyline Posted by Hello

Vintage Vespas for sale in Little Italy, Toronto Posted by Hello

Brewery in the Distillery District, Toronto Posted by Hello

A brewery inside the Distillery District, Toronto Posted by Hello

A restaurant in the Distillery District in Toronto Posted by Hello

A rice stand in the St. Lawrence Market, Toronto Posted by Hello

The St. Lawrence Market in Toronto Posted by Hello

Cat above the street in Chinatown, Toronto Posted by Hello

Vancouver - July, 2003

This is a view of Downtown Vancouver, BC from Granville Island. The city has one of the most spectacular backdrops any town could have. The city is very pleasant and we enjoyed excellent dim sum here. However, perhaps because people are always out skiing, rollerblading or sailing, Vancouver streets are always deserted.

Since one cannot dine on the scenery alone, Jennifer and I left Vancouver after two days and drove back down to Seattle.
Posted by Hello

A water taxi in Vancouver, BC Posted by Hello

Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington Posted by Hello

One of the stands at Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington Posted by Hello

Pike Place Market in Seattle. Jennifer and I had a great time here watching the fish mongers toss giant salmons to and fro. Posted by Hello

Travel to Portland, Oregon

Jennifer and I flew into Portland, Oregon on July 4, 2003. We stayed in Portland for three days before heading to Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia. While in Oregon, we visited Yamhill County for wine, stopped in Astoria for salmon, and visited the Chinese and Japanese Gardens in Portland.

The Portland Rose Garden Posted by Hello

The teahouse at the Portland Chinese Garden, Portland, Oregon Posted by Hello

The Ringler II bar in downtown Portland, Oregon Posted by Hello

Pig on NW 23rd Street, Portland, Oregon Posted by Hello

Bento stand in Knob Hill, Portland, Oregon Posted by Hello

Puppies playing on NW 23rd Street in Portland, Oregon Posted by Hello