23 August, 2007

Taco stand, Das Leben Der Anderen, and little buggy

It has been great to have a little of time and space to do my own things. It's tempting to dig into the fall semester's reading ahead of time, but I'm going to resist that impulse and just enjoy the relative free time I have these two weeks (aside from work during the day).

I was going to hop on the bike and truck out to Arlington to get some tacos tonight, but thought I google the subject and found Taco Pepito's Bakery in Adams Morgan. For Angelenos who grew up on roadside taco stands and trucks, DC offers very few options. What most people here refer to as "Mexican" are just "Tex Mex." Some have also referred to "Cal Mex," but as a Californian, I've never heard of Cal Mex.

Anyway, Pepito's is pretty close to the real thing. I got a carne asada taco and a lengua taco, and washed the food down with a lemonade. The price is a little high at $8 and change, but since I don't have many other options within easy metro or walking distance, I'll happily take Pepito's.

I just wish DC is a more civilized culinary town. While this city has plenty of highly priced but mediocre restaurants to serve them Gucci-ass lobbyists and lawyers, it doesn't do everyday comfort food very well. DC needs more street food!

On the walk home, I saw this silly little buggy. It actually fits four regular size people but it's only slightly longer than a scooter.

Netflix finally sent me Das Leben Der Anderen (The Lives of Others). It was a fantastic movie! I really enjoyed the subtlety of HGW XX/7's changes throughout the film.

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