30 December, 2005

J and I fought like we have never fought before. I didn't get much sleep. I wish we can stop fighting all the time.

07 December, 2005

Angeles Crest Highway

I took a ride on the Angeles Crest Highway last Saturday. I proceeded from the foot of the hill at Flintridge to Mt. Wilson (5715 feet). It's one of the most scenic mountain rides in Southern California. The day was crystal clear and I could see downtown LA from about 3,000 feet up. However, after 4,000 ft, cloud covers took over and I was riding in a mixture of fog and really bright sunlight. After visiting the Mt. Wilson Observatory I was too cold to go any higher and headed home for lunch.

El Pueblo de Los Angeles

Jennifer and I visited a old slice of Los Angeles at the El Pueblo de Los Angeles. This is the location where a group of Spaniards from the San Gabriel Mission founded Los Angeles in 1781.

Now the Pueblo is a state park that is commonly known as Olvera Street. The area is composed of a open plaza that houses the Chinese Historical Museum and the Pico House, a former hotel founded by Alta California's last Mexican governor.

On the day we visited, we found a group of dancers doing some kind of Mexican hat dance. We walked the narrow Olvera Street and had a late lunch.

Bimbo bread is like any other sliced white bread. But I think the name is funny.

Jennifer and I visited the Santee Alley, an open air market just a few blocks from our apartment in the Fashion District in downtown LA. Although I wasn't interested in buying anything on the offering there, the neighborhood was interesting. The place was packed with people. It was so crowded that one can only move at a slow pace and try not to bump into the person in front. This isn't the kind of shopping environment I like. But it was worth visiting.