01 December, 2006

aussie haka

This is the funniest spoof of New Zealand's haka.

26 October, 2006

Dad's Army

This is a 1967 photo of my dad's Officers Candidate School training in the Taiwanese Army. My dad is the one with the glasses in the front row to the extreme left. Posted by Picasa

My dad's rugby playing days at the Cultural University Rugby Football Club in Taipei, Taiwan. Dad is the one all the way to the left.  Posted by Picasa

19 October, 2006

American University Rugby

Now that I'm back in DC I'm in touch with the AU boys again. This is a new crew of players from two years again and there are very few players I know. They're young but are making huge strides in improving their game. I hope to be working with them and cheering them on from the sideline.

I hope to be fully employed soon and have my health insurance back so I can get in a social match every once in a while.

16 October, 2006

All Blacks vs. Tonga

This has to be one of the funniest dog videos

12 October, 2006

Missouri Asking for Cookies!

The Windy City

We arrived in Chicago tired and in a foul mood. This wasn't the most free-spirited road trip I have ever taken. Seeing a gnarly Motel 6 in Schiller Park didn't put me and J in good spirits either.

We checked into the Sofitel and found happiness (at least in a great hotel and a good night's sleep). I always think either stop in first class hotels or camp. I don't like the in-betweens.

We did the whirlwind tour of Chi-town - the Navy Pier, Lincoln Park, Old Town, the Golden Mile, Wrigleyville, etc. All the right tourist spots. If it's just me and plenty of time, I'd hang in Wrigleyville pubs and just wait for Cubs games to start.

Square States

Here's our travels through the square states (Utah and Colorado). We ran into a rest stop where these two Navajos were selling their hand-made jewelry. The view was breathtaking and the art was cheap. So I got a necklace for J. Whiting.

We also spent a morning in Breckenridge. Here we are enjoying crepes at an outdoor cafe and also saw a poster advertising for a rubber duckie race.

Shiny Vegas

I never liked gambling. But I like Las Vegas buffets and the unlimited drinks the cocktail waitresses bring. Vegas was our first stop and ends the first leg of J and my x-country drive from LA to Washington, DC.

Farewell to Los Angeles

These were my last images before picking up Jennifer in late August 2006 and once again moving away from LA. To a limited extent, these also represent what I loved and also hated about LA - the beach, Santa Monica, eating crepes on the Third Street Prominade, the fantastic Korean food in K-Town, but also the traffic, ugly architecture, etc.

I don't know if I'll be back here to live again.
kirk gibson

My happiest baseball moment. I was 15 years old during the 1988 World Series and I couldn't be happier to see ole Gibson limp up to the plate and hit one out of the park.

I just wish the video laid off the music and leave Vin Scully in.

24 September, 2006

Soldier at Ft. McHenry

Dick Whiting and I visited Ft. McHenry in late July. It was interesting to learn some of the history and get out of Washington, DC.

18 July, 2006

Blackwater Falls State Park and the Appalachia Mountains

I camped in the Blackwater Falls State Park, WV on my last night before reaching Washington, DC. Despite the warm temperature in the valleys, it was very mild in mountainous West Virginia. I had to wear a sweat shirt and got bundled up in my sleeping bag to go to sleep that night.

Eat Rite was my favorite nasty greasy 24/7 trucker's diner when I lived in St. Louis. It was great for after pubbing. Coffee on Grand was one of the cafes I frequented.

Forest Park in St. Louis, MO

Forest Park was my favorite part of St. Louis when I lived there. It's a huge urban park on the western edge of the city. As the name indicates, it used to be heavily forested. But the city decided to chop down all the trees to help build the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis. The wood was later recycled to build many of the original buildings in Richmond Heights, MO.

Sunset over the Mississippi River and the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

It's now a campaign slogan in Missouri!

Fort Scott, Kansas

I stopped in Fort Scott, a former border outpost on the Kansas/Missouri border. Interesting history here about former US Indian policy and the fort's role in the Civil War and opening up the West.

Here one will see the bakers and the laundresses at work. They were nice enough to stop to talk about the fort and gave Jack some cold water.

15 July, 2006

Jack posing for the camera during the drive from Colorado to Kansas.

This gent from Kentucky really knows how to travel in style!

Jack complaing about the hot sand in the dunes.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

My hike into the dunes on July 14, 2006. It was hot even though it was 7am.

This is my first night at the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. Jack didn't like the sand dunes very much.

Earthship, New Mexico

This is a house in the Earthship housing development just outside of Taos, New Mexico. It's made of all natural and recycled building material. It's interesting. But it's not a style I would prefer my house to be.

Santuario de Chimayo

On the way to Colorado I took the High Road to Taos. One of the stops in the Santuario de Chimayo. I wanted to step into the chapel but Jack wouldn't let me.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

More photos from Santa Fe. It's a very pretty town and very artsy. I wish I can spend more time there. But I also wonder what people do there for a living. There's nothing there except for art galleries.

Photos from Santa Fe, New Mexico.