20 August, 2007

Ride in Fox Country

I took a good spill on the way to Flint Hill, Virginia yesterday.

As far as falling off a bike, at least it was a lovely spot, surrounded by the Blue Ridge, vineyards, hawks circling above, and just a beautiful silence. I just sat next to my bike, laughed, and enjoyed the scenery.

It was great to get out of DC. After weeks of writing papers and studying for my final exams, it was refreshing to see Virginia's mountains. I started at 11am in DC and rode through Route 50 to Fairfax County, only stopping at my favorite Vietnamese baguette shop to fill up for a couple sandwiches. After that stop, I had no destination in mind and just rode aimlessly through Manassas Battlefield, down Lee Highway, past Thoroughfare Gap, up to the Plains, and down to Orlean via Route 55 and Leeds Manor Road.

While I sat in front of the tiny Orlean Post Office enjoying the sun and making the day's entry in my journal , an Orlean woman still in her riding boots suggested that I give Flint Hill's Griffin Tavern a go. After my soft dismount on the way to the pub, I had meself a pint and a sandwich in Flint Hill.

Nothing to complain about for the day. But I'll have to visit the Red Truck Bakery in Orlean next time.

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