11 May, 2009

A Yankee key

Since my mother is visiting me in Buenos Aires this week, I went around the neighborhood to get an extra set of door keys made. However, every locksmith I visited gave me a blank look after they saw one of the keys I wanted to reproduce.

"What's this?" locksmith X, Y, and Z all asked.

"My door key," I would reply.

All told me they don't have the key I wanted and probably nobody in Buenos Aires does.

Finally, the fourth locksmith I visited told me I have a yankee key, that he doesn't have it either, and asked me why I'm doing with such a key.

1 comment:

Baino said...

Oops looks like a previous tenant might have changed the locks or perhaps Yankee key's were cheap in the day when the landlord built the units! You'll have to change the locks Teddles or find a suitable hiding place.