13 May, 2009

Autumn arrives / Llegó otoño

The autumn weather is finally setting in here at Buenos Aires. The long promised rain is here and the temperature went from the low 20'sº C last week to below 15º C today. The weather is definitely changing but to me it's far from cold. Looking at how the Porteños are dressed one would think we're living in Tierra del Fuego.

But everything is relative. I remember visiting my parents in Taipei during Christmas and was amazed that pedestrians were wearing wool winter coats in 20º C climate.

Tomorrow mother is coming to visit for a month. Frankly I'm not sure how we're going to spend one month together in a 20 square meter apartment. But I am excited about her visit and want to show her Argentina.

No Spanish classes in May since my teacher is on vacation. So in an effort to improve I'm reading more, meeting more Porteños for language exchanges, and am going to start blogging in Spanish as well. After four months of learning the language I hope that I am at least coherent.

Please correct my Spanish if you wish.

* * *

Llegó el clima de otoño a Buenos Aires. La lluvia prometida esta aquí y la temperatura bajó de más o menos 20º C la última semana a abajo 15º C hoy. Sin duda el tiempo está cambiando pero puedo opinar que no está haciendo frío. Mire a las ropas de los porteños parece estamos en Tierra del Fuego.

Pero todo es relativo. Recuerdo una visita a mis papás en Taipei durante la época de la Navidad y me asombré que la gente en las calles usaba los abrigos de invierno durante el clima de 20º C.

Mañana mi mamá va a llegar a Buenos Aires por un mes. Francamente yo no soy seguro como vamos a pasar un mes juntos en mi departamento de 20 metro cuadrado. Pero me entusiasmo de su visita y le quiero mostrar Argentina.

No hay las clases de castellano en mayo porque mi profesora tiene vacacciones. Entonces en un esfuerzo para mejorar mi castellano estoy leyendo más, conociendo otros porteños por los intercambios del idioma, y empenzé escribir este blog en castellano también. Después de cuatro meces de aprender este lengua, espero que estoy por lo menos coherente.

Por favo, corrija mi castellan si lo desee.


Baino said...

Well you're doing pretty well although I don't understand a word! Clare spent 3 months studying but it's so much better if you can converse in the same language. I fancy you have an aptitude for languages anyway! I know exactly what you mean about the weather. It's about 20 here during the day and yes the woollies and heaters are out. I remember working years ago for a policing agency in Sydney and when commissioners came down from the Northern Territory, they were given a 'warm clothing' allowance. Never dips below 30 up there!

Kate said...

Hi I arrived here from Baino's site!

Its good to read you!!

I too am learning Spanish but here in England I don't find too many people to use it with!!