24 May, 2009

Los Buenmozos de Boulogne

The chants started as soon as I exited the San Isidro train station. In Buenos Aires, the rugby derby doesn't come any bigger than the rivalry between San Isidro Club (SIC) and Club Atlético San Isidro (CASI). I found the CASI stadium by simply following the boys of Los Buenmozos de Boulogne (the "Good-looking ones from Boulogne"), SIC's supporter club.

Rather unlike the United States, where ruggers play on muddy municipally owned fields, the grounds at CASI was immaculate and the atmosphere electric. But since a friend was a former SIC player, I had my bias for the night and happily cheered for the winning side.

* * *

Las canciónes comenzaron inmediatamente después de salir de Estación San Isidro. En Buenos Aires, no hay rivalidad de rugby más importante que el clásico entre San Isidro Club (SIC) y Club Atlético San Isidro (CASI). Hallé estadio de CASI con Los Buenmozos de Boulogne, los hinchas de SIC.

Más que las canchas de rugby en EE.UU, donde los jugadores competen en el barro frecuentemente, las instalaciones deportivas de CASI era impecable y el ambiente eletrizante. Pero ya que tengo un amigo que jugaba para SIC, tenía mi prejuicio y alegremente vitoreaba para el equipo que ganó.


Quickroute said...

Sounds like yer having fun - like the dual lingo post too!

Baino said...

Do they do the same as the soccer fans and take their whistles and drums. I can't stand the sport myself but if the spectators are as enthusiastic, I'd go for the fun of it! (Surely your mum isn't into Rugby!)

TCL said...

@ Quickroute - hard for me not to have fun around rugby. It´s a family tradition. Dual lingo posting is helping me learn the language by making me think in Spanish.

@ Baino - No whistles but drums, songs, and trumpets. Mom happily stayed out of it. She didn´t like the sport much either when she dated my dad in uni and secondary school.