07 September, 2007

World Cup Rugby 2007 in France!

With all my professional and academic commitments I am involved with, the Rugby World Cup all the sudden dropped into my life the last few days!

I always knew this year's tournament in France is fast-approaching, but I always had other matters occupying my life. However, today is the kickoff match between France and Argentina, to be played in Stade de France in Saint-Denis! I am very excited and wish I can attend matches in person. Nonetheless, with work and school taking up my time and my money, I'll have to be content with watching the matches on TV.

While the first match is to be played at 21:00 Paris time, I can't escape work at 3pm DC time to watch the match. I'll be catching the replay at 21:00 DC time at home.

The wait is killing me .....

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