13 February, 2009

To Gualeguaychú

On the road again.

For 34 pesos this Flechabus will get me to Gualeguaychú, home of Argentina's carnival, or el Carnaval del Pais. I adore Buenos Aires but feel a constant urge to see the rest of this country. I will spend two days in Gualeguaychú and move north to Colón, another river town in Argentina's Mesopotamia. I've got my gears with me and will then travel to Parque Nacional El Palmar for camping and a safari in Argentina's subtropic north.

On another note, I find myself adopting some Porteño habits. I carry my Guía T (bus guide) with me everywhere I go and find myself hoarding coins (my reason for doing this is explained here). Instead of using my credit card at the supermarket or at restaurants, I will use cash just to break up the larger bills and to get coins for bus rides.


Baino said...

That's a flash bus! I imagined you huddled in an open aired jalopy sitting next to a woman holding chickens. "Colon" unfortunate name! hehe.

TCL said...

I actually got on a smaller bus. It´s only a three hour trip so I didn´t need the full treatment.

Long haul buses here are the works. With outrageous airfares in South America, people take buses. Fully reclinable seats, hot meal, wine, movie and whisky services.... I´ll be on a couple 20 hour bus rides in March. So I´m spilling my wallet for one of the nicer buses.

Colon is Spanish for Columbus.

Quickroute said...

34 pesos! - you did better than me - so where are the photos?

TCL said...

@ quickroute - photos will come after I sort them out. I only have with me a handheld that's good for emails and other trivial matters. But first I decided to go further up Rio Uruguay and camp out in the Parque El Palmar. Figure fresh air and Spanish-only environment will do some good for me.