05 February, 2009

Ricos tacos

Since I am an Angeleno, I naturally think proper tacos should be cooked and served out of the back of a roach coach. But, I am in Argentina, the land spices left behind.

Except for an annoying but light cough, I am better today. I went to my Spanish lesson this afternoon and was able to be up and about. By 9pm I was craving dinner, and more importantly, a proper pint. I didn't want a liter of watery Quilmes, but desired a beer with taste.

"RICOS TACOS" the neon sign in front of La Fabríca del Taco declared!

La Fabríca del Taco's tacos

Unnatural! Proper Mexican in Buenos Aires?

The carne asada tacos came in about the right size. But alas, the tortilla was flour instead of corn and the meat a wee bit overcooked. But the tacos did come with plenty of chopped onions and cilantro and I had three salsas to choose from: poco picante, picante regular, and muy picante (a little spicy, regular spicy, very spicy).

Muy picante salsa was actually spicy. I broke a sweat and asked for more lemonade.

Poco Picante, Picante Regular, or Muy Picante!

On the way home I stopped at Antares, a neighborhood brewpub I've yet to try. As a friend recommended, Antares brews are atypical of other Argentine cervezas. They were rich with flavors and served in proper British pint glasses.

Antares Pub in Palermo Soho


Baino said...

I have it on good, no excellent authority that Mexicans actually make tacos from soft shells. The crispy ones are an American fabrication. Either way it looks yum. The spicier, the better. (Beer in pint glasses . . o dear Teddles . . when in Argentina . . don't drink out of a pint glass!) Oh and I'm quite flattered to be the only vicarious traveller on your blogroll . .one day . . .

TCL said...

@ baino - tacos with crunchy shells are total caca. Proper tacos should be made from warm, freshly homemade corn tortillas - something I was spoiled with growing up in Los Angeles. Been indulging in beautiful Malbecs here in Arg. Beer is usually an afterthought.

Cuppa Jo said...

I like tacos in flour tortillas. I had them both ways growing up. It's never occurred to me that some Spanish speaking countries don't have the spices I'm used to from my Mexican ways in CA, but then I started traveling. It's like a whole different world of flavor! Still, it can be disappointing if one's used to a certain amount of spice.

How was the beer?


gurudigital said...

i like the sauces

"for argies" (mild)
"for mexicans" (spicy)
"for those who dare" (very spicy)

the truth is... yeah.. we dont do spice... dunno why...

there might be some culinary-social explanation

Buenos Aires neighborhoods said...

Thanks for the info, I´ll chenck it one day