04 November, 2008

Facebooking on democracy

So many people are excited about the vote today. Personally I'm quite conflicted. I'll be happy when it's over and the proper result certified without another judicially-assisted banana republic episode. One just cannot imagine what Americans are capable of.

I'm also amazed about the number of non-Americans who are keen on our election. I know they mean well but this is our election. I'm no supporter of the Grand Old Party but I don't need the world to tell me about the wisdom of an Obama presidency.

Some of my friends' facebook status today:

"is an active part of democracy. VOTE!"

is calling DC for Obama."

can't believe it's finally election day!"

is going to vote."

says go rock the vote! This country needs change!!!!"

"is basking in the warm glow of voting for the Dems!"

"Line to vote in col heights is only 3 blocks long."

is voting strategically instead of sincerely. Sad."

is everyone...please go and vote!"

"America, are you ready for some change ???"

"pfffff, you cannot even vote"

Here is to election-themed cocktails.


Quickroute said...

I'll be glad when it's over - but we still have to thru the post election analysis for another few weeks

Baino said...

"I'm also amazed about the number of non-Americans who are keen on our election. I know they mean well but this is our election."

No it's not ..TCL you might be voting and much as the US would like to build a big wall around itself its an incredibly influential part of the global village. We went to war WITH America because we believed what we were told and didn't question. We are suffering world wide economic downturn because of our links with the us lending system.

I think few Americans actually realise how much they influence global politics and economies. (except for those who complain about 'bailing' out other countries when in need). Few understand the inextricable economic and political ties. We're very excited here at work at the moment (It's about 11pm your time) to see that Obama looks like he's well in front. I have friends on both sides of politics but change is needed after the most disastrous presidency for many, many years. Bush has a lot to answer for frankly.
*descends soap box*

Megan said...

Good points, Baino.

TCL said...


The beautiful thing about elections is the right to disagree. I suspect we probably would land on the same side were we to participate in the same election, but picture this - every person you run across while traveling tells you how wrong your country is and how dumb you are for being American. I fully agree with those sentiments, but nonetheless, it is an American election.

For the number of years I worked in Congress, one thing I did learn is the is the effects of American policy. I realize that what we do in Washington affect the world and it is a big responsibility. I have traveled the world and saw our decisions' influences both on my own trips and through work. But nonetheless, one can get tired of all your friends accusing you to be selfish and ignorant.

No worries about the soap box. That's what a conversation is for. I'm not a bushy and won't dismiss people for having a different view of the world.

Baino said...

Thanks Ted. Point taken . .I've met wonderful Americans and I've met my dose of ignorant Americans. Not 'stupid' I hasten to add, just uninformed. Today I heard many, just people on the street, acknowledging that America is part of the bigger picture and that a change in perception is needed. It must be awful to be stereotyped as a result of Bush's policy. (I don't like people thinking that I drink beer like a fish and wear a hat with corks!) And frankly it's the Bush years (both him and his Dad) who have formulated world opinion. Actually I've been heartened by blogs as I've made American friends on both sides of politics who are aware, worldly, knowledgeble and have blown the stereotype out of the water. You among them. I love your blog and your opinions, long may we voice them . .that's what a free world is all about! Oh . .and you're fortunate to be a well-travelled and well-educated bloke . . you have been exposed to the world where many of your compatriots have not! Travel is a marvellous educator. Sorry I'm really taking up more than my fair share here! Cheers mate!