01 November, 2008

Comings and goings

Unfortunately, because I have to turn in some work in the morning, I am desk-bound at home tonight instead of out chasing Marie Antoinette and Catwoman. But as I am taking a stretch from my work, I can't help but giggle about the collection I've amassed on my desk.

My buddy M. just returned from his around-the-world trek on Thursday. Typical of a DC population, I always have friends coming or going. We're just a nomadic people.

We traded war stories and brandished bottles collected on the road. M. has been working the vines at a Bordelais chateau and I was recently in Oregon and Washington. So we've a few bottles of French, Oregon, and Washington to top off in the next few days!


Megan said...

I just got home and I have nothing in the house and it is twelve minutes to two.


Quickroute said...

They'd never last that long in my place

TCL said...

megan - I hate it when that happens. Rats!

quick - they don't either at my place. I can't ever build up a cellar.

Baino said...

Damn blast and bugger the bludgers . . blogger isn't saving my comments!

*adjusts collar and retains decorum*

Actually, is that a nice 'sticky' on the left there . . I'll bring the Sticky Date Pud if you pour the wine!

I too am hopeless, all attempts at starting a cellar are thwarted by the need to sample!

Hey hey TCL, alcohol in Argentina is cheeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaap!

TCL said...

baino I'm a little short on Oz lingo. What's a sticky?