29 October, 2008

Super Bowl with El Jefe

As I prepare to ditch Washington, DC, things I remember from my 16 years living by the Potomac River.

2000 Super Bowl party at the White House. The former football fan-in-chief was walking around working the room:

PRESIDENT CLINTON: Thank you son for coming to my Super Bowl party.
ME: Thank you sir it's great!
PRESIDENT CLINTON: How do you like it?
ME: [long pause due to brain freeze, stupidity, and confusion] Free suds and pizza, I love it!
PRESIDENT CLINTON: [Awkward silence and walks away]


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Well there's nothing quite like the feather in your cap that causes a president to be lost for words!

TCL said...

Being silent

Something Washington doesn't do well.

Thanks for visiting.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

wow I just typed a real long comment and I think it got lost....anyway bottom line was I hope your new locale has plenty of free suds and pizza for you.

Megan said...

That's pretty cool!

Where are you off to?

TCL said...

megan - Argentina for at least 8 months. Then Paris or Brussels for graduate school (AKA how much longer can I rollover my student loans?).

Baino said...

Not many can leave a president speechless you shameless name dropper! (getting a little following there TCL . .you'd better keep posting on your travels!)

Quickroute said...

TCL 1, Clinton 0

TCL said...

baino - will do

quick - ha ha ha! I always win.

TCL said...

mouse - thanks for visiting. and the answer is yes, plus very good wine.