29 October, 2008

Good times all the time

Avalancha de éxitos!

It's reported that the Obama campaign bought a 30-minute spot tonight on CBS, NBC, FOX, and Univision.

I know it's a crucial election, but a half-hour infomercial? How good is that! It's like selling kitchen knives on the tube. And I don't even have a television . . .

On top of that, whatever policy differences I may enjoy with the Republican nominee, I believe that he may be an honorable man. But charging Obama with delaying the Baseball World Series with an ad? Mr. McCain jumped into the infomercial fracas by saying “No one will delay the World Series game with an infomercial when I’m president.”

You're darn tootin'!

Delaying baseball for politics; that would be um . . . un-American. Whatever that may mean.


Anonymous said...

No. I'm just oversaturated and bored out of my mind with this election. I can't watch one more commercial, sorry. Plus sincerely after I heard in the news how much Obama has spent in his campaign, especially with our economy and our trillions of dollars in deficit, there is no way that I'll watch an infomercial that has cost a cool million. It is obscene and unnecessary. For shame.

3 millions, man! 3 millions...he could have given a couple of thousands to me.

TCL said...


I share how you feel about the saturation level of campaign ads. People just tune out.

I've worked in the industry for a while and I'm out. Adios. It's enough for me.

But seriously - I think campaigners approach this with a MAD mentality (mutually assured destruction). It's like Dr. Strangelove and the missile gap during the Cold War. We can't possibly have enough missiles, I mean campaign ads, right?


Megan said...

Only six more days, to tote the weary load...

We aren't seeing many ads here in Cali (for the candidates, anyway, but the propositions, oh lordy) but I have absolutely no desire to watch the infomercial. None.

Does anyone except Philly and Tampa care about this World Series?

TCL said...

megan - the Golden State is a world onto its own when it comes to, well, everything. Too bad presidential candidates only treat the place like it's an ATM.

I've been done with baseball since Chavez Ravine went quiet earlier this month. But I am rooting for the senior circuit team. Can't stand designated hitters.

Baino said...

My God is that Megan not caring about baseball! She must be running a fever! We have a media blockout here three days before any election, maybe they should extend that to the 'week' before the election in the US. We will be bombarded by the election 'live' on 3 of our free to air stations - since I only have free to air - I will be hiring a DVD . .mmm don't get the World Series (which involves only America) but may hire Field of Dreams!

TCL said...

That's the paradox that is the World Series. It's only in America. But to be a perfectly good American and to defend the game, we do buy Japanese, Taiwanese, and Caribbean players from their markets, and are pretty good at stealing Cuban players from Castro.

I don't have a TV and would be happy to read about the election in the papers. But alas, even the pubs are no escape. Local denizens in Washington watch politics like it's a sport. They'll be showing the election at the bars too.