10 January, 2007

Still looking for work in DC

I was hoping that the new year would bring some good news on the job front. I still maintain that moving to Los Angeles to take that PR job was not a mistake, but how I wish this temporary setback can end and I can resume my career.

It was exciting to see a new Democratic House of Representatives. Not that I agree with everything the new majority leadership does, but because I believe we can be better than the last majority party.

However, after three hopeful job December interviews with Cantwell, Perlmutter and Sestak, I still don't have an offer on the table. I know better than to be upset. Afterall, members are still dealing with organizing their offices and working on the "6 for 2006" legislation on the House floor this week. But it is discouraging to know that I have the requisite experience to do the job, have had good interviews, yet still have nothing to show for.

In the meantime, I'm still temping. It brings in income to pay the mortgage, but I feel like doing meaningless work is sucking the soul out of me. It's terrible to spend the day disliking what you do at work.

The weather this winter has been alarmingly warm. It's nice but it's not like PEPCO is cutting me any slack. Despite barely using the heat and having energysaver bulbs in my floorlamp, my electricity bill this month is still over $100!

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