10 January, 2007

Revisiting old posts

Since I am so bored at my temp job, I went back to old postings to check out what I was thinking way back. While I'm not the most cheerful boy on the block now, I was surprised at how sour I was about my life, my job, and the state of politics on the Hill back in July 2005. Granted, at the time I had served almost seven years on the Hill and was quite unhappy about being in the minority and working a job that put me in a position to accomplish absolutely nothing. I was a pretty angry person back then.

Since '05, my politics have not changed much (I'm still a moderate Democrat. I'm sure my friends in the caucus will still think of me as a DINO). But having spent a year in Los Angeles, I gladly returned to Washington, DC and now desperately want to return to work on the Hill.

I suppose there are a few factors in my change of heart and new-found desire to get back to Capitol Hill.

1) We're in the majority now! Along with an entire generation of Democratic staffers, I have never been in the majority. My fading memory of the last Democratic House majority was the sorry state of the Democratic Caucus in 1995. All we had to respond to Mr. Gingrich's Contract with America were these signs that said GOP=Get Old People. They were mildly amusing but hardly worth bragging about.

2) I got stung by my hasty move to California. More than a year ago, I picked up and moved myself, my girlfriend and our two dogs to Los Angeles. I got a lucrative job at a PR firm and thought we'd both enjoy being out of DC and back in our hometown. But I ended up hating my PR job and quit after just four months. We spent the rest of our time in LA hating our apartment, and doing and hating our telemarketing job for the Hollywood Bowl and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. The only thing I like about LA was the food. The weather was even to hot for my taste (I know people will think I'm crazy to dislike summer in January).

3) I realized that I don't hate Capitol Hill or politics. I just grew out of my old job. I enjoy the friends I made on the Hill. I'm not naive and I'm sure I will have things to bitch about once I get back to the Hill. But I have found a renewed vigor for politics and desperately want to go back to the Hill. Only if I can find a LD job.

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