12 December, 2004

Prague Day 2

It's my second morning in Prague and I am already leaving. I continue to have mixed feelings about this city. I had a great time and think the city is great to visit. Food and drinks are very affordable, the city beautiful, and the Czechs friendly. However, the town center is one large tourist trap. I guess it is no different than any other historically significant and physically attractive cities. But very few locals live in Prague's central districts. According to waiters I spoke to at a cafe yesterday, only expats can afford to live in districts in the historic core.

While the old town areas are very lively and full of tourists, the same thing cannot be said about some of the other neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are not dirty, dangerous, or rundown. They are rather clean actually. But areas where the Czechs live definitely show signs that the locals do not have much to spend. Very few shops or restaurants are present.

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