13 December, 2004

Frankfurt International Airport

I´m at Frankfurt right now. I will be heading home in a little over an hour. As fun as this trip was, I am looking forward to being home.

I had my first real meal last night at Leipzig. Notwithstanding my schnitzel and goulash meals, I´ve had everything at street stalls. I ordered a wild boar steak with wild mushrooms and apple. The cream of tomato soup was very good. But it wasn´t creamy at all and that was fine by me. I had a .5 liter of Bavarian wheat beer and a glass of Beaujolais. The total bill came out to €24. It wasn´t cheap. But it wasn´t expensive either.

I wish I had more time to see Leipzig. The museum detailing Leipzig´s peaceful student uprising against the East German government and the local STASI office was a block from my hostel. Perhaps in the future. Now I can´t wait to be home.

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