28 November, 2012

2X Cyprus

The seven hours of walking in Northern Cyprus was extremely taxing.  Leaving Famagusta at 17h00 with my two rucksacks, I walked silently for 20km on the Cypriot coast.  Though the night brought thick fog and a cold breeze from the Mediterranean, I labored each step forward, and had to rest frequently.  To alleviate the pain, I took to counting light poles, and my journey  progressed 20 meters at a time.  Arriving at my intended campsite, I found the spot to be completely deserted, and currently squatted by a colony of camper vans.  At least deserted beaches in this part of Cyprus are as ubiquitous as boulangeries in Paris.

My original plan was to have no agenda, and simply desired to take in what I come across. Starting the day in Larnaca, I reached the United Nations buffer zone between Greek and Turkish Cyprus by bus, and walked the 5 km through the British Sovereign Base to reach the Turkish Cypriot border.  Never have I crossed three countries in such a short distance!

* Originally written in April 2012


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