28 June, 2011

Sunrise on the Aegean

So I'm on the road again. Actually, to be precise this time I am on the sea. Though four hours of sleep over the last two days of traveling by plane and by ferry made for an exhausting arrival to Santorini, it was nice to be lost in the shadows on the early morning, in my own thoughts, only to be animated by a brilliant sunrise.

Day one was logistical in nature. With arrival to Athens uneventful, sorting out the geography of this large city and the ferries were nonetheless something I was in no humor to deal with. Even prior to departing Paris, I was really not looking forward to airports, train stations and docks again. I'm just tired.


Baino said...

Aight I'm probably your only commenter at this point (10 points for loyalty) where the hell do you get the money for all this travel? I mean I'm loving the vicarious trips, jealous as all hell but sheesh! Aren't you a starving student?

TCL said...

@ Baino: For the loyalty you get a free lifelong subscription to this blog.

The key is to book early. Really really early on cheap airways like Easyjet or Ryan Air. Fares in Europe aren't as costly as the new world.