21 October, 2009

The small pleasures / Los pequeños placeres

Choripan, a 6 pesos piece of greasy sausage heaven

While Buenos Aires gradually lurches forward to spring and the Northern Hemisphere grows colder by the day, I approach the end of my sojourn in Argentina. Soon it will be December and the time for me to return to the United States.

So each time I venture out into the city, I feel compelled to take stock of my year and enjoy the small pleasures of living in the city of Santa Maria.

* * *

Mientras Buenos Aires alcanza gradualmente la primavera y el Hemisferio del Norte hace más frío cada día, se acerca el fin de mi estadía en Argentina. Dentro de poco deciembre llegará y el momento de regresar a Estados Unidos.

Entonces cada vez que paseo por la ciudad, soy consciente de mi año y disfrutar los pequeños placeres de vivir en la ciudad de Santa María.


Baino said...

Ted, know this. Without your drummers on Facebook and your adventures on the blog, I would go INSANE. I'm in a job I hate, no money in the bank and you give me a little light at the end of the day that makes me smile. I'm so glad you're immersing yourself the way you do in the countries you visit. Thanks, thanks so much from this vicarious traveller.

DaviMack said...

I hope you make it to Europe some day....

Quickroute said...

6 pesos for a chori - it was only 4 when I was there - bloody Argie inflation!