29 July, 2009

Rural Exposition 2009 / Exposición Rural 2009

Argentine Gauchos / Gauchos de Argentina

Last Sunday was a brilliantly sunny day and some fresh air was in order after a typically Buenos Aires night out with some of the boys. Argentina's Rural Exposition 2009 happened to be right in the middle of my neighborhood in Palermo, so I popped over with a couple friends to check it out.

* * *

El domingo pasado fue un día soleadísimo y yo necesitaba tomar un poco de aire fresco después de una noche típica de Buenos Aires con algunos los muchachos. La Exposición Rural 2009 de Argentina estaba en bien en medio de Palermo, entonces pasé una tarde con dos amigos para averiguarlo.


Baino said...

Looks like our Easter Show. They do this horsey thing in northern Spain I think it's called the Routa where men posture on their steeds . . Hundreds of horses and plenty of testosterone!

DaviMack said...

Ahhh, a stripey cow! We've got those here, too, and there's a herd of 'em in Napa, too. Belted Galloways, although the ones you've got there are a bit furrier than I'd expect.

Looks like fun, if smelly!

TCL said...

@ Baino - it was really cool to see all the colors flying. Even the rich Porteños who were on horses turned up wearing their traditional outfits.

@ DavidMack - Not sure what breed the stripey cow is. But the ones with horns to the side are Scots! Wonder if they're tasty?

Meredith said...

hey Ted - nice meeting you at Ryans! I LOVED thsis event - went about 4 days.....your picks and entries are great!!!