01 June, 2009

The thief of souls / El ladrón de las almas

"Club Atlético Boca Juniors (C.A.B.J.), thief of body, soul and heart.
You became my mad obsession."

It was my first Boca Juniors match at La Bombonera (the Chocolate Box). To say that football is a national obsession in Argentina would be an understatement.

* * *

Fue mi primer partido de Boca Juniors en La Bombonera. Decir que el fútbol es una obsesión nacional de Argentina sería quedarse corto.


marcos said...

little correction!

last sentence is "you became my mad obsession".

Great match by the way.. 3-0!

Baino said...

Unbelievable . . can you imagine the Brits letting fans shoot fireworks into a Man Utd game! Crazy!

TCL said...

Yeah .... and not exactly safe here either.