16 April, 2009

Tigre and San Isidro

Yesterday I woke up really early for some reason and couldn't fall back asleep. As a result I finished my studies by mid afternoon and decided to take some time to explore two cities north of Buenos Aires.

Tigre is a tranquil town away from the hustle and bustle of BsAs. It is on the northern edge of the metropolitan area and water taxis are the main form of transportation for many who live or visit there.

On the way back to Buenos Aires I hopped off the train and stopped in San Isidro, a wealthy suburb and the heart of rugby football in Buenos Aires. I didn't see the Rugby Museum but simply walked around the compact historical area before catching the train back into town.

Transportation is cheap and easy. The Mitre Line, which originates from Retiro Train Station in downtown Buenos Aires, was less than AR$1. The Tren de la Costa, which is more pleasant but requires a connection at either MaipĂș or Libertador Station, is AR$12 one way (or AR$24 roundtrip).

For a few more photos see the slideshow below.


Baino said...

Gah! Just spent $14 in tolls to get from my place to the city centre! Oh for cheap transport.

Quickroute said...

There's a good market in Tigre on a Sunday - bought some cheap furniture there and carted it back on the train which was no easy task!

p.s. must pick your brain on highlights to see in Taiwan as may plan a trip there soon