18 January, 2009

Cats in the park

A change in weather today brought about a different pace of life. Suddenly Porteños are wearing coats and the outdoor crowd at Café del Botánico downstairs is a little thinner. Bloody hell it's only 21C!

Just yesterday it was 39C and unbearably hot. But for some reason I don't mind. Is it because I am not in Washington, DC looking at federal workers setting up bleacher seats and portable toilets for the Obama inauguration?

Nonetheless the warm weather is driving my thoughts to the beach. The news reported that my momentary respite will end soon and summer will vengefully return next week. Thank goodness a Porteño friend invited me to join him and his girlfriend at their Punta del Este beach house in Uruguay next Friday.

On another note, the Botanical Garden across the street is a curious institution. It's lovingly manicured and a peaceful sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires. I can hear and see all the activities from my balcony. Families gather, couples neck, and children frolic amongst the greens. But unlike most parks I know, dogs aren't allowed (blasphemy!). The Botánico seems to be a haven for cats. Heaps and heaps of felines nap lazily in the park and jealously guard the entrance should an unsuspecting fido decide to intrude.


Quickroute said...

Slummin it in Punta Del Este - tough life over here alright!

Baino said...

I know what you mean about 'cool changes' we had one yesterday but it's gone now! No dogs! How very dare they! Enjoy Uraguay

Megan said...

I only see one cat...

TCL said...

@ Quickroute - What are friends for except to abuse their beach house.

@ Baino - Will report back on finally seeing blue water.

@ Megan - I think they smell my preference for dogs.