04 March, 2008

Thoughts about Missouri

She's been a lot of things over the last ten years. Missouri has been, most of all, a sweet little girl - a joy in my life. She's loyal, goofy, clean, hates poop and going to the bathroom, dependable, greedy , best beggar, funny little face, pillow hog, whiny girl, chick magnet, puppy who loves to cuddle, always kicks or headbutts you in the face if you try to hug or kiss her, fishy breath, happy little girl, rocket dog, bright sunshine at the end of the day, smiley girl, mousy dog, little prairie dog standing on her hind legs to beg for food, anti-big dogs, anti-any dogs, scaredy cat, loud mouth, growl and wag her tail at other dogs at the same time, kissy girl, and so much more. I miss her so much.

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