23 July, 2007

Upstate New York Ho!

The rental agency surprised me with a Ford Mustang convertible instead of my requested compact car. It's nice to drive something that is topless and with a little bit of umph. But I had to spend a lot more money on fuel. From this photo, one can tell Missouri really didn't like flying at 70 mph with the top down!

The weekend to visit mom in upstate New York was a blast! While I put in 12 hour days writing my papers and studying for my finance class, I got to see mom and took long walks with her and the dogs through the meandering countryside. I had the most fantastic dinner at the Main Street Cafe in Narrowsburg, NY. It was calf liver with lightly fried onions. Mom had the Chilean Sea Bass (to my disapproval), and my sister had a lamb stew. We topped it off a bottle of syrah from Bridlewood in Santa Ynez, CA. It was a lovely meal.

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