14 March, 2007

Vote for me!

I spent last night volunteering for a Democratic presidential campaign working the annual AIPAC conference. It was a fun night with lots of colors and presidential campaign staffers jockying for conventioners attention. I enjoyed working with other volunteers and staffers and hope to do more work during this election cycle.

However, I was disgusted with this AIPAC participant's offer to raise $3 million in exchange for a photo op with my candidate. I know the public thinks politicians are all for sale. But if that's what they want running the country, they'll get what they paid for.

I enjoyed today's Eugene Robinson's op-ed on Barack Obama. I'm not sold on his candidacy yet but I appreciate Obama's sense of ideal and his mission to transform America's politics. I hope he continues with his brand of civil discourse. Maybe he'll make the public think government service is once again honorable.

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