13 September, 2005

A look down to the courtyard from my buildings rooftop deck Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Dropped in and thought your blog and the posts I read were awesome!

I had been hitting the search engines looking for ways to restructure our household budget or at least save some money due to the recent hike in gas. Kinda depressing topics to be researching, which is why, when I happened upon your blog, I was pleasantly relieved to have something different to read!

So, just a note of thanks here and hopefully some kind words to encourage you to keep going with your blogs and posts.

We've been feeling like there's no way out from under the fist of debt. Credit card rates are high, but I found a site that lists credit card deals and then it hit me! You can get cash back on the stuff you have to buy anyway. Right now, anything helps...

Sorry for the long post...I'll be back to see what's new in a day or two. Thanks again!