13 June, 2005

Toronto - May 30 - June 2, 2005

Jennifer and I took our Memorial Day break in Toronto. We were particularly excited about traveling to Toronto because we have heard so many good things about the city. Jennifer was keen on local Toronto fashion designers and I wanted to explore the neighborhoods and architecture of Toronto.

However, I got sick in Toronto and we did not find the city very appealing. We found the neighborhoods to be unattractive, and Jennifer found the shopping to be poor. While Toronto is a very walkable city with very workable subways and streetcars, we found ourselves walking through the city without finding very many things of interest.

However, Chinese food in Toronto is excellent. We had the best dim sum since our Vancouver trip in 2003. We also ate at an excellent Northern Chinese dumpling house and found a very good Taiwanese bakery. We were also pleased about how easy it was to get bubble tea in Toronto.

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